KDK Ceiling Fan R56SV

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KDK Ceiling Fan R56SV
KDK Ceiling Fan R56SV

Nowadays, air conditioning is very popular in modern living; however, ceiling fans are still beneficial for human life. Ceiling fans not only create wide span of airflow for cooling effect, but also help the circulation of cool air generated by air conditioning system in the room

By the pursuit of higher quality of life, ceiling fans are expected to have more funtions and value added features. When you select a ceiling fan, safety and reliability would be one of the major concerns

  • 140cm Ceiling Fan with 4 Blades
  • For HDB Apartment/Apartment with Low Ceiling (2.6 metres to 3 metres)
  • PPG blade material for better durability
  • 4 LED light indicators for OFF Timer and 1/f Yuragi function
  • Handheld remote controller
  • 5-speed control with Sleep mode and 6-hour OFF timer
  • Enhanced with Cut-off Safety Device and Blade Safety Plate
  • Colours: Grey and White

Warranty: 1 Year of Spare Parts and 2 Years of after sales service warranty.

Origin: JAPAN


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KDK Ceiling Fan R56SV

Model Voltage Consumption R.P.M Air Velocity Weight
[V] [Hz] *
[m/min] [ft/min]
230 50
180 220




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