KDK Ceiling Mount Ventilation Fan (320×320)mm (32CHH)

৳ 22,350


These fans are installed in the ceiling connected with ductwork, by which indoor air is exhausted either through the roof or the exterior wall. Since they are mainly mounted inside the ceiling, the interior is not damaged. Super Quiet type and ceiling mounting design offer to you comfortable environment and having double enjoyment.

  • Super low noise with the distinctive design of “Resonance-Absorption Structure”
  • New taper blade design to achieve strong and smooth ventilating performance
  • Better durability with new ball bearing type motor
  • Reverse flow prevention shutter (shutter deflection if slight, resulting in further improvement of air tightness)
  • 2 speed motor for better durability
  • Exhaust type
  • The fan shall be suitable for ceiling mounting
  • High-Low speed selectable
  • Condenser motor with thermal cut-off
  • Well lubricated bearing for long life operation
  • Pre-installed power cord
  • Unique design of Double chamber minimizes noise transmission from fan and motor to exterior
  • High performance taper blade designed Sirocco Fan adopted to control air turbulence effectively
  • Air Volume: HIGH-CMH: 430/ CFM: 253, LOW-CMH: 300/ CFM: 177

Warranty: 1 Year of Spare Parts and 2 Years of after sales service warranty.

Origin: JAPAN


32CHH Dimension

Model Hz Consumption (W) RPM Air Volume Noise Weight Installation Space
High Low High Low High Low High Low
(W) (W) CMH CFM CMH CFM dB(A) db(A) (kg) (mm)
32CHH 50 55 45 710 570 530 312 400 235 41 34 5.6 320 x 320
60 61 47 695 540 525 309 390 230 41 33 5.6 320 x 320



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