Product Categories



1 Year spare parts without panel

2 years of service

Air Conditioners, Refrigerators & Freezers, Chest Freezers, Wine Refrigerators

3 years of compressor

1 years of spare parts.

2 years of service

Washing Machines, Dryer Machines, Dish Washers, Ice Makers

3 Years of Motor

year spare parts 

3 years service

Ceiling Fans, Rechargeable Fans, Wall & Ceiling Mounted Fans, Electric Water Geysers, UPS, Stabilizers & Converters

1 Year spare parts  

1 years of service

Kitchen Stoves, Gas Burners, Kitchen Hoods

1 Year spare parts,  

1 years of service warranty

Air Curtains, Air Coolers, Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, Electric Room Heaters, Audio & Video, Home Theatres, Soundbars, Blu-Ray & DVD Players, Karaoke Players, TV Receivers & DTH, 3D Players, Cameras, FM Radios, Bluetooth Speakers, HiFi Players, Party Music Systems, Personal Care Appliances, Shavers & Trimmers, Epilators, Hair Dryers & Brushes, Hair Curler & Straightener, Nose & Ear Trimmers, Facial Steamers, Foot Spa and Massagers, Chair Massagers, Personal Care Appliance Accessories, Induction Cookers, Hot Plates, Ovens, Electric Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Toaster Ovens, Built-in Ovens, Sterilizer Machines, Cookers, Rice Cookers, Slow Cookers, Electric Pressure Cookers, Electric Curry Cookers, Electric Grills & Griddles, Blenders, Grinders & Juicers, Juicers, Food Processors, Food Mixers, Blenders, Ice Crushers, Chopper, Hand Blenders, Meat Grinders, Slicers & Choppers, Food Makers, Ice Cream Makers, Yoghurt Makers, Popcorn Makers, Electric Noodle Makers, Bread Makers, Pie Makers, Waffle Makers, Sandwich Makers, Toasters, Salad Makers, Dough Makers, Chapati & Ruti Makers, Somucha Makers, Pancake Makers, Food Steamers, Deep & Air Fryers, Tea & Coffee, Coffee Makers, Coffee Grinders, Coffee Roasters, Coffee Machines, Milk Frothers, Hot Tea Makers, Vacuum Cleaners, Steam Cleaners, Electric Floor Mops, Water Treatment Appliances, Water Purifiers, Water Dispensers, Water Heaters, Electric Home Showers, Small Household Appliances, Electric Garment Steamers, Electric Irons, Electric Kettles

1 Year spare parts,  

1 years of service

Television Accessories, AC Accessories, AC Remotes, AC Timers, Cookware, Dinnerware, Cookware & Parts, Flasks & Bottles, Pans, Fry Pans & Grill Pans, Table Decoration & Accessories, Kitchen Knives & Accessories, Fruit & Vegetable Tools, Meat & Poultry Tools, Other Kitchen Tools & Gadgets, Water Treatment Accessories, Water Filter Cartridges, Other Water Accessories, Torch & Rechargeable Lights, Telephone & PABX Sets, Weighing & Kitchen Scales, Clocks, Accessories, Electric Accessories, Multiplugs, Switch Sockets, Socket Converters, Batteries, Circuit Breakers, Other Electric Accessories, Other Accessories

No warranty

Warranty & Refund Policy
Terms& Conditions

  1. Every information related to warranty policies in this page is only valid in Bangladesh.

  2. The warranty covers only for the mentioned electronic appliances bought from Panna Electronics.

  3. This warranty does not include the replacement of any product or refund of money. If you have a change of mind and want to buy another product instead of the product you have ordered, Panna Electronics will not refund or exchange the product in this case.

  4. This Units/Product is fully warranted against defective materials and manufacturing faults from the date of purchase.

  5. Commercial sales or products used for commercial use/purpose will not be covered under care plus warranty.

  6. Please provide Warranty Card & sales invoice at the time of repair or service. To be eligible for the warranty coverage, (I) You will have to show the warranty card that came with the product; and/or (II) show valid proof of purchase as and when required.

  7. All exterior parts (Remote, Battery, Antenna, Adapter, etc.) are not covered under this warranty.

  8. If the Product or a unit, consumables, part or subassembly requires repair, we may, at Our option and discretion, repair, replace or exchange it with an equivalent product, unit, consumables, part or subassembly that is new or refurbished.

  9. TIME FOR SERVICE: Service will be available during Our Operation Hours.

  10. PLACE OF SERVICE. Service will be provided on-site or at the location of Our Customer Service Center depending on the type of warranty covering the Product.

  11. Time shall not be of the essence as our services can be inadvertently affected by factors outside our control.

  12. We reserve the right to impose charges for services on the Product which are outside the cover of the warranty. We also reserve the right to decline to provide service where the Product is obsolete, no longer deemed serviceable or replaceable for any reason.

  13. This warranty is good only to the person named as the owner of the Product in the warranty card and the Product whose serial and/or model number corresponds with the Product Installation Location specified under the warranty card and is not assignable and/or transferable.

  14. We shall reserve the right to vary the coverage or refuse to cover Products which in Our records indicate are “End-of-Line” or “Clearance”.

  15. This warranty does not cover damages caused by:

  • The attack of household pests e.g. Cockroach, Rat, Ant etc.

  • Fire, Lightning, Natural Disaster, Flood, Cyclone, Pollution or any other abnormal activity.

  • Tempering, Altered, repaired or attempted to repair by unauthorized person, misuse, accident or negligence.

  • Abnormal Voltage or usage of IPS/UPS.

  • Damages, fault, failure, imperfections, caused by abuse, tampering, illegal use, negligence, prolonged use or operation.

  1. This is a carry-in warranty (Expect AC & Refrigerator) Products requiring service support should be brought to the service center.

  2. Authorized service center reserves the right to judge and reject claims as per the above conditions.